Remote patient monitoring

iQudos provides a remote patient monitoring nurse led service for management of benign prostate disease. The urology service consists of an eNurse specialist who will, by appointment, call the patient at home after they have received their blood test results. The Nurse will enter the basic data into the iQudos clinical decision support system (CDSS). Information collected includes: treatment and medications to date: collation of relevant routine and specialist investigation results; patient and clinician reported symptoms assessment. The CDSS generates a letter for the patients GP which will outline the patients progress to date, suggested further tests, management and follow up. Any future tests needed can be booked by the iQudos nurse.

The service provides a safety net in terms of clinical governance. It is set up to immediately identify problems and to take necessary action. The NPSA is currently looking at delayed diagnosis as their next major push. The iQudos system minimizes the risk for this vulnerable patient group. The system builds patient reported outcome measures and clinical outcome measures on a daily basis.

Future disease domains will be released upon approval by clinical trials.