mCRPC Module

A module tailored to monitor patients with mCRPC which are divided into the following pathways:

  • Abiraterone (Full expert System)
  • Cabaitaxel
  • Docetaxel
  • Enzalutamide
  • Oestrogen
  • Radium 223
  • Steroid – dexamethasone
  • Steroid – prednisolone

The Abiraterone pathway has a complete intelligent expert system engine taking into account all the presenting information and will report mineralocorticoid toxicities, hypokalaemia and hepatotoxicity.

The remaining pathways record all information and will report it automatically in the outcome letter as today’s findings, but the clinical management element is left for the oncology consultant to complete.

The protocols used to determine the follow up were derived from current NICE guidelines and with referral to various medical expert oncologists actively caring for patients suffering from the disease.

The outcome analysis takes data from historical records built into the system, current patient indicators including their blood pressure, date of last GnRh analogue injection and questions answered by the patient during the nurse or consultant led follow-up.

All relevant pathology results can be automatically fed into the system where integration has been performed with the hospital pathology system and in conjunction with all other data points is used to produce a plain language clinic outcome with guidance on follow-up duration. The system retains all assessment data in its database and this helps the consultant gain an overall perspective of the patient’s disease progression.