Integration with Primary Care and Hospital Systems

All iQudos services are hosted on the N3 network in a secure hosting environment and our participating sites have data sharing agreements in place before connecting to the service.

We actively engage with the hospitals IT department to determine the most efficient way to obtain the data we need to deliver a turn-key solution and to reduce the amount of data entry to an absolute minimum. Integration is key to the success of any project we undertake and it is important that the project lead in the hospital seeks approval for some dedicated IT resources to provide the required data to iQudos.

We have developed a series of integration modules which allow ‘Plug and Play’ configuration for each site and can handle simple .CSV files, XML files and more complicated REST API type interfaces.

Where resources are limited, iQudos have developed further strategies to secure data from other sources including the Medical Interoperability Gateway interface module designed to obtain patient records from GP systems, including SystmOne and Emis.

Most hospitals now have an eDocument management systems installed and our users are requesting that the outcome letters generated by our system are automatically uploaded into their document repository. We have undertaken several integrations with WinDip, Alma and Docman in order to achieve this.